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Contraindications of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

1. Acute infectious/inflammatory illness in development, fever, bacterial infections, infected sinusitis, cellulitis and other such illnesses and infections.

2. Major cardiac problems such as, but not limited to, acute angina, heart attack, severe uncontrolled congestive heart failure.

3.  Serious circulatory problems such as acute thrombosis, aortic aneurysm and venous obstruction.

4. Hemorrhage (including internal bleeding)

5. Acute anuresis (absence of urination)

6. Active cancer or an undiagnosed lump

Relative Contraindications - Precautions

1. Edema/lymphedema

2. Thyroid problems (hyper or hypothyroidism)

3. Carotid stenosis/ carotid thrombosis

4. Acute asthma and allergies

5. Burns. fresh scars, skin hypersensitivity (RSDS), early phase of bruising and eczema.

6. Abdominal surgery, abdominal radiation, tumor, bleeding or pain of undetermined origin

7. Removed spleen

8. Chronic HIV infection

9. Major kidney problems, major renal insufficiency, hemodialysis

10. Menstruation

11. Gynecological infections, fibromas, cysts, IUD

12. Known pregnancy

13. Chronic inflammation/infection

14. Certain medication, chemotherapy and anesthetic drugs

15. Orthostatic hypotension (autonomic dystonia)


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