Professional Massage Therapy 


Ahhh…massage. A professional massage can do wonders for your well-being, both physically and mentally.

Massage therapy is a recognized and effective treatment for reducing stress and anxiety, increasing circulation and lymphatic function, and bringing relief to muscle and joint soreness.

Whether your goal is to simply unwind or to treat a more serious problem, your professional massage therapist at Eden Day Spa, Boca Raton can assist you in achieving your wellness goals.

Purchase any massage in a series of 6 and receive a 10% savings!

Professional Massage

Polish & Pamper Body Scrub + Massage Combination

85 minutes -   $170
110 minutes - $220
In this scrub and massage combo, you’ll enjoy a decadent fine grain salt scrub of organic whipped honey, clove and nutmeg to polish away dull, dry skin cells from head to toe. Once your skin has been blissfully buffed to a state of baby softness, warm steamy towel compresses will perfectly prepare skin to soak in a light & silky oil which is delicately scented with just the right amount of sweet cinnamon & spice. This all natural, vegan and gluten-free oil nourishes & calms sensitive skin while imparting the anti-aging benefits of the powerful antioxidants inherent in the Olive Fruit and Grapeseed oils. Wihh every stroke of the customized massage, not only will your body and mind be restored but so will your skin, as the antioxidants diminish the damaging effects of the sun, enhance the synthesis of healthy collagen & elastin, and improve skin’s texture. You’ll leave soft, smooth, hydrated and totally relaxed. Leave the oil on the rest of the day to smell incredible and get the full skin-care benefits!

Knot Kneaded™ Express Massage

25 minutes - $65
Specialized "knot kneading" on specific trouble spots to relieve muscle stiffness, rejuvenate and increase circulation. Banish those boulders in your neck and shoulders!

Swedish Massage

55 minutes - $105
85 minutes - $145
Long, flowing strokes calm body rhythms and increase circulation. A gentle nurturing massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

55 minutes - $115
85 minutes - $155
110 minutes - $220
A more specific and intensive "deep bodywork". Therapeutic muscular manipulation on those knots of chronic tension. A truly rejuvenating treatment!

(Note: If you enjoy deep tissue massage and get relief from it, you may also be interested in neuromuscular therapy. Many clients who regularly receive deep tissue massage find that they get even more relief, along with quicker and longer-lasting results, from this extremely precise and therapeutic modality. Neuromuscular therapy is an incredibly effective methodology for assessing, treating and preventing soft tissue injuries, damage and chronic pain. Read more about it below.)

Eden Essential Massage

55 minutes - $110
Our signature massage. A perfect combination of relaxing Swedish and deeper, more specific bodywork. Designed to loosen, relax and target your most troubled muscles, while reducing stress and combating fatigue. Very therapeutic and very relaxing.

Aromatherapy Massage

55 minutes - $115
85 minutes - $155
Our Eden Essential Massage with your choice of one of our aromatic essential oils or synergy blends.

Eminence Organics Apricot Bliss Massage

55 minutes - 120
85 minutes - 160
Enjoy a rejuvenating, therapeutic massage performed using a totally organic massage oil from Eminence Organics scented with the fresh, upligting aroma of organic apriot, created to induce a state of renewal and well-being. Customize the pressure and modality of the massage to meet your needs, tailoring it to the perfect combination of Swedish and deep tissue therapies.

Neuromuscular Therapy

55 minutes - $125
85 minutes - $165
Neuromuscular Therapy is a very specialized form of massage therapy. This technique manipulates the soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. In a healthy individual, nerves transmit impulses to the body very slowly. Injury, trauma, postural distortion or stress cause nerves to speed up their transmission, making the body vulnerable to pain and dysfunction. Neuromuscular therapy treats chronic pain, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ and migraines. It is also the most effective type of massage therapy for lower back pain.

Ultimate Spa Massage

85 minutes - $155
Feel your stress literally melt away with this luxurious full body massage. Herbal heat wraps and warm aromatic compresses bring you to a deep level of relaxation, while essential oils and hydrating creams nourish your skin. This is an extremely relaxing and very therapeutic massage.

AromaFlex Therapy Massage

85 minutes - $160
Our full body aromatherapy massage combined with foot reflexology and warm aromatic towel compresses. This treatment induces deep relaxation and is a powerful antidote for tension and stress.

Maternity Massage

70 minutes - $130
You poor baby! Do you ache all over? Now more than ever a woman’s body needs special TLC. Gentle, nurturing touch relieves leg cramping, increases circulation and totally relaxes body rhythms to soothe you…and baby too. (2nd & 3rd trimester only!)

Aroma Scalp Treatment

40 minutes - $85
Pamper your hair and scalp with this deeply-conditioning aromatherapeutic treatment. A warm, steamy towel wrap feels heavenly while it opens the pores and the hair's cuticle to optimize the nourishing benefits of a conditioning oil with a blend of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lime, petitgrain and clary sage essential oils. A soothing scalp massage finishes the treatment while you drift away in pure contentment.

Therapeutic TMJ Release

25 minutes - $70
Pain from TMJ can be eased greatly with massage geared specifically toward release of the muscles and connective tissue of the temporal mandibular joint and surrounding areas. Intraoral work may further facilitate release and offer relief from pain, tension and headaches.

Post Liposuction Massage

25 minutes - $60
55 minutes - $105
Help decrease fluid retention and swelling, break up scar tissue and promote faster healing with post liposuction massage therapy.

Warn Stone Therapy

55 minutes - 135
85 minutes - 175
Experience a luxurious and totally relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished lava stones are warmed and incorporated throughout a full body aromatherapy massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles and completely relieve stress ~ comforting, soothing and very relaxing. Stress…what stress?

Foot Reflexology

25 minutes - $65
40 minutes - $90
55 minutes - 115
This centuries old healing and relaxing technique helps the body to balance with gentle stimulation of pressure points on the feet. Soothing aromatic towel wraps and a rejuvenating peppermint cream foot massage complete this treatment. Truly beneficial and "good for the sole."

Tips to Toes: Hand & Foot Reflexology

55 minutes - $115
In this treatment, pressure points in both the hands and feet are massaged and activated to bring balance to the body and restore health. It just so happens to feel heavenly too! A must try if you love hand and foot massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

25 minutes - $65
55 minutes - $105

A very gentle treatment which encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body, removing wastes, toxins and excess water. It reduces pain, relieves stress, supports & enhances the immune system and aids the body in healing more quickly from injuries and surgical trauma. It can stimulate the stagnant or sluggish flow of the lymph up to 20 times its natural capacity, thereby aiding in the detoxification and rejuvenation of the tissues. Please note, initial treatments should be limited to a 25 minute session for the well-being of the guest.

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage isn't right for everyone.

Massage Oils

Massage Enhancements

Add any of the following to your massage to make it even more beneficial!


Added to any massage - $15
Add your choice of one of our aromatic essential oils or blends to your massage.

Aromatic Detoxification & Slimming Warm Oil Treatment

Added to any massage - $20
Your massage will be performed utilizing a potent detoxifying blend of juniper berry, cypress, lavender and rosemary in a base of cold-pressed almond, grapeseed and sunflower oils. Excellent for cleansing, detoxifying and slimming. Skin will be hydrated and toned, and your body will naturally eliminate toxins and excess fluids.

Super Soother Calming Cream + Aromatherapy

Added to any massage - $15
Do you have a hard time turning your mind off, even when getting a massage? If you need extra help to relax, we've got just what the doctor ordered! Eden's exclusive "Calming Cream" is a super soothing elixir consisting of extracts of Kava Kava, Valerian Root, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Lavender, Sandalwood and Sage, in a sweet almond and aloe vera base. To add even more oomph, we blend in your choice of pure organic lavender essential oil or our relaxation synergy to help promote an even deeper state of relaxation. If you've ever wished you could FULLY relax and unwind during your massage, instead of mentally going over your to-do list, this is a "must do" for your next massage. Experience the difference!

Warm Stone Muscle Melter Spot Treatment

Added to any massage - $20
Aromatic lavender oil and soothing warm stones incorporated into part of your chosen massage amp up the relaxation factor tenfold! [Please note this is an enhancement to a targeted area only and does not transform a chosen massage into a full Stone Therapy Massage. Thank you!]

Chakra Serenity Energy Clearing

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $25
Our chakras are forces within the body that work together as a delicate energy system. They must function and interact optimally for one to feel centered. Allow one of our energy healers to assist you in shifting and balancing the energies in your chakras with this clearing added to your massage, for a deeper sense of wellness, well-being and inner peace. For greater benefits, book a full Chakra Balancing or Reiki session.

Intensive Cellulite Spot Treatment

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $30
This organic herbal cellulite treatment with paprika will stimulate cellular metabolism, increase blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage in sluggish areas where cellulite accumulates. Fluids and toxins will be drained while skin is firmed and hydrated with honey, bioflavonoids, and vitamins A, C, E, CoEnzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid. You won't believe the immediate visible improvement!

Infrared Healing & Pain Relief Spot Treatment

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $25
Have an area of injury or spot of soreness that needs extra attention? Application of infrared has been proven to have many health benefits, most notably rapid relief from pain and sore, stiff muscles, and joints. The deep penetrating heat of infrared goes deep into the tissues unlike other topical heat applications which only warm the skin. Muscles are relaxed and blood flow is increased bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to the area, while flushing out stagnant blood and fluids. Done in combination with a topical analgesic and prior to a therapeutic massage, the results are nothing short of miraculous!

Targeted Headache Relief

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $25
Calm inflammation and tension with this headache relieving add-on that includes therapeutic scalp massage with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile and Rose Absolute: An ideal blend for headache sufferers.

We've Got Your Back!

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $30
Your back is often neglected. hard to reach and see! Let us help out with a mini facial for your back warm steamy towel compresses prepare skin for a super effective scrub that removes the dead, dry skin cells which clog pores and cause bumps and breakouts. A nutrient and mineral-rich aromatic seaweed mask detoxifies, hydrates and nourishes. Massage with a rich cream completes the experience, leaving the skin on your back soft, smooth and hydrated. You'll leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated, and you'll look great walking away!

Ahhhh Massage Add an Extra 15 Minutes of Foot or Scalp Massage

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $25
For those who can't get enough of a good thing! Adding an extra 15-minutes of bliss is always good for your soul.

"Nap Time"

Added to any massage (15 minutes) - $20
Ever wish you had time to stay under the covers and savor that relaxed, tranquil feeling you have at the end of a professional massage? Now you can! Reserve the room for an extra 15 minutes (or more) of quiet time, and enjoy that post-massage bliss a little longer!

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